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  • Ants

    There are many kinds of ants that can infest your home or property. Some sting, but many are just nuisances and get into food. Learn more by searching our list for your ant!

  • Asian Lady Beetles

    Getting rid of Asian Lady Beetles can be a difficult task for an untrained homeowner. Call Wildlife Management Services for top of the line pest control services.

    Asian Lady Beetles
  • Bees / Wasps / Hornets

    There are several species of stinging bees and wasps which can cause painful welts and occasionally severe allergic reactions, including death.

    Bees / Wasps / Hornets
  • Beetles

    Various species of beetles can invade structures and cause damage to fibers, foods and wood surfaces.

  • Box Elder Bug

    Primarily a nuisance pest, box elder bugs are also capable of some damages. Call the professionals to get rid of your box elder bug problem for good! Wildlife Management Services offers some of the best pest control services to handle your biggest pest problem.

    Box Elder Bug
  • Centipedes / Millipedes

    Centipedes are multi-legged creatures that are common outside the home. Centipede and millipede populations can become very high and may invade the areas around doors and windows.

    Centipedes / Millipedes
  • Cockroaches

    There are several roaches that can be found in and around the home. Most live outside and can be quite large. Others infest and live very well inside. Which one have you seen? Look at our list and select the insect.

  • Crickets

    Crickets are insects that typically live outside and can become nuisances when the males play their "calling songs" to attract females. Some crickets, like house crickets, will seek shelter inside homes or sheds.

  • Insect Invaders

    While not threatening, several types of insects—such as earwigs, house dust mites, moths, pillbugs, stink bugs and more—can cause issues when they move into your home or office.

    Insect Invaders
  • Mice & Rats

    These common rodents can infest homes and contaminate food, as well as damage wiring or insulation. Very different in their habits, you should be aware of their capabilities. Select the rodent from our list.

    Mice & Rats
  • Spiders

    There are many spiders that live outside, but several can live inside as well. Spiders are insect feeders and are looked upon as beneficial. However, some are hazardous and many build webs and become nuisances.

  • Wildlife Services

    Wildlife damage problems that require professional wildlife control services are increasing throughout the United States. Though most trespassing wild animals are merely nuisance animals, they can pose a real threat to humans if wildlife control is not implemented.

    Wildlife Services